Maintenance Programs 
Great Lakes Aquariums offer premium maintenance at reasonable prices. We guarantee a monthly water change and offer decoration cleaning and exchages to keep your aquarium looking like new. Listed below is detailed listing of our maintenance programs. Check out and compare our services.

  • Aquarium Maintenance Program Schedules:
  • Monthly - Usually for Freshwater
  • Every 2 Weeks - Usually Saltwater
  • Weekly - Usually Saltwater Reef


Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Includes:

· Pharmaceutical Grade AquaVitro Salinity Salt

  • Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Premium Filtered Water
  • Double Density Aquarium Filter Pad Change (G.L.A.M. exclusive)
  • 15% - 40% Water Change
  • Algae Removed from the Side Walls of Aquarium
  • Aquarium Furniture Polished
  • Outside Glass or Acrylic Cleaned & Polished
  • Complete System Check
  • Protein Skimmer Cleaning
  • Chemical Balance
  • Water Testing
  • RO/DI Water Top Off of the Auto Top Off System
  • Additional Live Stock and Fish Compatibility Evaluation

o Includes drip acclimating which can be done at time of aquarium maintenance to save time and money.

§ We only offer drip acclimation for our saltwater maintenance accounts because it aids in keeping livestock healthy


Fresh Water Maintenance Includes:

· 20% - 40% Water Change Gravel Cleaning

o Adding New Decoration(s)

§ We can choose the decoration or you can pick it out at our store

o Removal of Old Decoration(s)

    • Chlorine Remover & Fish Slime Coat
      • Aids in Keeping Freshwater Fish Healthier
    • Algae Removed from the Side Walls of the Aquarium
    • Outside Glass or Acrylic Cleaned and Polished
    • Aquarium Furniture Polished
    • Filter System Cleaned and Filter Material Changed/Cleaned
    • Water Testing
    • High Grade Carbon (filter must accept it)
    • Additional Livestock and Fish Compatibility Evaluation
    •  Aquarium Decoration(s)

We also offer food in the proper amounts for the fish in your aquarium in small daily feeding amounts. This takes the guess work out of possibly over feeding your aquarium, which can lead to problems with your aquarium such as: fish death, algae bloom, and aquarium crash. Please note that this only works for certain applications, please inquire to see if we can offer this service to you.

Upgrade or Re-Decorate Aquariums 
Great Lakes Aquariums will expertly upgrade your existing setup or we can re-decorate an existing aquarium for a new looking existing aquarium. We will also install new or replacement equipment such as filter systems, heaters and lighting and much more. Installation prices are determined by service requested, system size, delivery and mileage. Please contact Steve or Brad for more information.

Move or Re-locate Aquariums 
Great Lakes Aquariums will expertly move an existing aquarium to a new location or place in your business or home. . Please contact Steve or Brad for more information and a quote.

Our Services Include but are not Limited to:

· Business’s




Aquarium Relocating:

· Deconstruction of Aquarium with Proper Packaging

· Safe Relocation

· Rates Start at $250.00 (U.S)




***Free Estimates for Aquarium Maintenance***

Please contact Brad for maintenance & installation quotes. 586-202-9458

Delivery is available to a limited area. Please contact Brad for exact pricing. Delivery charges are based on several factors, including: travel distance, tank size, if setup is required, difficulty of location where aquarium is placed (doors, stairs, tight corners, etc.). 

      • Car Dealerships
      • Office’s
      • Restaurants
    • Medical facilities
      • Doctors office’s
      • EMS Clinics
      • Hospitals
      • Retirements Homes
    • Residential
      • Apartments
      • Condo’s
      • Homes